green sauce

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this sauce can be used over veggies or pasta or on a baked potato. You could also thin it with 2 cups of veggie broth and call it a soup. whatever you desire

Green Sauce (about 4 big servings)
10 oz frozen mustard greens
100g (about 3.5oz) pureed chickpeas
411g (about 14.5oz) canned diced tomatoes (with onions and peppers)
1 tbs of nutritional yeast

cook mustard greens according to the package. dump into blender. add rest of the ingredients and blend until well mixed. pour into sauce pan heat up and serve over desired dish.

there may be ways to make this look more appealing but i don’t know what they are. what is appealing is the nutritional value. at 68 calories per serving, it contains over 100% of the daily requirements of vitamins A and K. and that it contains a quarter of your daily requirement of B6, copper and maganese is not too shabby either.


parsley and potatoes sittin’ in a bowl

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for lunch i had some mashed potatoes not the creamed potatoes that often go around masquerading as mashed potatoes. it was very simple:

a pound of mashed potatoes. my pound was mixture of adirondack blue potatoes and yukon gold potatoes, as that is what my farmer had on hand. i am sure any old potatoes will work. cut them up, boil them. take a handful or two of flat parsley, mince it and sprinkle it on top of the drained potatoes and mash to your hearts content. put a little of the boiling water back into the mixture if you would like. add salt and pepper and you are good to go.


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i have been experimenting with brown rice breakfasts lately: both sweet and savory and stumbled upon this delicious treat. it is perfect for me to put on in the morning- i can go work out and putter around and when i am ready to eat so is it.

congee is a sort of rice pudding. with a rice to water ratio that is around 1:7. the rice breaks down and the starch causes the remaining water to thicken. it is yummy.

apple strawberry congee

apple strawberry congee

fruit congee:
.25 cups of brown rice
1.75 cups of water
100 g of fresh strawberries
75 g of fresh apples

to assemble:
bring water to a boil. add rice. reduce heat and leave on a low simmer for 2 hours. check occasionally and stir (not too often, just to keep rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan). when done, add apples (grated) and chopped strawberries. those that need more stimulation can add a bit of vanilla, sugar and cinnamon but for me. it was fine as is.

happy birthday to me:

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today i celebrate one more trip around the sun. it’s been great. i have a great marriage. am doing for the most part what i like to do (though i’d like to do it faster and finish this dang dissertation) and am getting in the groove with this healthy eating thing.

been doing a lot of successful recipe experimentation but keep forgetting take pictures. my favorites thus far is a green pasta/veggie sauce and a smoky turnip and corn soup. i’ll make them again and this time remember to take pictures.

still working on creating a weekly menu.

bento box

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i made my first bento box today. i’ve been wanting to for a long time and so i finally got around to doing it. and what should go in a bento box but sushi. so here is one of my first attempts at sushi.


In the top tray is a mushroom, zucchini sushi. which is simply
1 cup of brown rice
1 tablespoon of seasoned rice vinegar
1 tablespoon of crumbled wakame
1 sheet of nori
-crimini mushrooms
-salt and pepper

lay out nori sheet. spread rice mixture (rice, vinegar, wakame and sprinkle of salt and pepper) on top of it. place mushrooms and shredds of zucchini in top of that and roll nori into sushi roll. the next time i make it, i’ll take process pictures.

on the side of that are some green beans and asparagus with a sprinkling of sesame seeds

and in the bottom tray was a simple salad of lettuce and wild onion.

the only problem is that apparently i got a child’s bento box so the salad was all of two bites.

who i’d like to be

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i’d like to be one of those people that post regularly.
so i will redefine regularly to once a week.

i would like to be one of those people with a grocery list and a menu at the beginning of the week. its hard because i am shopping for me and almost all the recipes i know feed like a billion people so i end up making one thing and eating some unorthodox version of it for a week.

i will work on that. maybe next week, i’ll have something for you. at least you will hear from me next week about something because i am that kind of person.

our anniversary chocolate cake

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for our fifth anniversary i whipped up a chocolate bundt cake and a vanilla pound cake both from veganomican


the chocolate cake is a bit healthier than the average. it has whole wheat flour and applesauce in it. but it still sinfully delicious.